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4 Top Deductions To Take When You're Self-Employed

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One of the ideal ways to earn a living is working for yourself. Doing this will provide you with a great deal of flexibility, and you'll be able to work your own hours. This can allow you to enjoy life more and feel less stress related to earning a living. There are many pros and cons of this career type, but one of the benefits may be the tax deductions you'll get. Knowing many of these deductions may be very helpful to you.

1. Office space

Did you know the area where you work in your home can be used as a deduction? This is a fact and one you'll want to strongly consider when giving your information to your accountant. There will be a specific formula that will be put to use to determine how much your deduction will be when it comes to your office space. Typically, the larger your office is, the more money you can save on taxes.

2. Travel costs

Do you need to drive across town to meet a client or a customer? If so, it's a great idea to keep track of all your travel costs. Doing this will allow you to have proof of the amount you had to pay to make a business deal happen. Keeping all of these receipts will be helpful in lowering your taxes.

3. Office supplies

There are many things you'll need to have to ensure you get all of your work done in your office. Some of these items may range from laptops to office furniture. Fortunately, you'll be able to deduct the cost of these from your taxes, and this can allow you to save a great deal of money. Simply remember to save the receipts for optimal money-saving results.

4. Health insurance

Do you pay for your own health coverage? This is likely the case when you're self-employed, and you'll want to know the precise amount of your monthly and annual costs. You can deduct the full amount of your health bills when you file your taxes. This is a top way to lower this expense and can be very helpful in saving you money.

The key to feeling confident when you get ready to do your income taxes is to be prepared. Having all of the figures and documents to give your accountant can make this task much easier for you. Reach out to resources like Hammernik Associates to learn more about small business tax planning.